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Vancouver, BURNABY, New Westminster, and Surrey
After School Registration

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Schools are booking our exciting and challenging after school escape room programs for the 2024-2025.


If you would like Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids to run an escape room program at your school or have questions, please contact Elizabeth at or 604-831-0570.

Students are having a blast escaping with our 3 after-school programs:

1) Escape Room Challenge: students work in teams as they escape a different digital room each week. Digital escape rooms are projected onto a screen (4-5 weeks; 1 hour/week).

2) Escape Room Digital Creation (hands free): students build powerpoint escape rooms and teams escape each other's rooms on the last day (5 weeks; 1.25 hours/week)

3) Awesome Escape Room Design Program: Students build an escape room with art and puzzles. On the last day parents escape (5 weeks;1.5 hours/week). Burnaby grant funded programs run for 8 weeks.


Have Fun and Learn Important Skills

After-School Escape Room programs help students build their teamwork skills. We have easy to remember steps and fun exercises that help students build their confidence with their core competency and 21st Century skills. Building and escaping provide opportunities for students to practice their skills within their teams. 

AFter School Registration

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