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Audio Check

Low audio is the one technical issue a class can face. We want your students to have a great experience. Knowing before you sign up, that the audio in your classrooms works with Zoom ensures everyone has a great time.


You can test your speaker and microphone sound:

  1. Prior to your School Escape Day by visiting and following the instructions to test both your speaker and microphone.

  2. On the School Escape Day before you are admitted to the zoom meeting by our leader.

    • You will see a popup: Please wait for the host to start this meeting. Below that is a Test Computer Audio button. Click on the button.

    • Click on the speaker button and follow the instructions. Then click on the microphone button and follow the instructions.

  3. On the School Escape Day once in zoom. You can correct audio issues by clicking the upward-pointing arrow next to the mic icon located on the lower left of your screen. You will be given choices to select both the speaker and microphone output options. Select your projector.

How to Turn on a Projector's Audio

Other Audio Issues

Audio issues may arise because of the projector or if you are using Apple TV to Airplay.

Projector Solutions When There is No Sound or Low Volume


If there is no sound when you expect it or the volume is too low, try the following solutions:

  • Adjust the projector's volume settings.

  • Press the A/V Mute button on the remote control to resume video and audio if they were temporarily stopped.

  • Press the Source Search button to switch to the correct input source, if necessary.

  • Check your computer or video source to ensure the volume is turned up, and the audio output is set for the correct source.

  • Check the audio cable connections between the projector and your video source.

  • If you do not hear sound from an HDMI source, set the connected device to PCM output.

  • Make sure any connected audio cables are labeled "No Resistance".

  • If you are using the USB Display function, turn on the Output audio from the projector setting in the EPSON USB Display Settings program on your computer.

  • If you are using a Mac and you do not hear sound from an HDMI source, make sure your Mac supports audio through the HDMI port. If not, you need to connect an audio cable.

  • If you want to use a connected audio source when the projector is off, set the Standby Mode option to Communication On and turn on the Standby Audio option.

Solutions for No Sound When Using Apple TV to Airplay

A school experienced an audio issue when using Apple TV and Airplay. They solved it by plugging in an external speaker. If you experience this issue, please contact us at before registering for a  School Escape Day, and we will work with you to solve the problem.

If you find an audio issue and come up with a different solution than what is presented here, we would greatly appreciate being able to add your solution to this page. Please contact us at

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