Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids

was developed to help prepare children for their future success in school, early work experiences and beyond.

Based on years of research and program development, the escape room program helps build targeted skills and resilience in children.

Children learn to simplifying the complex and identify unique solutions by building or  escaping rooms that challenge assumptions, engage, and surprise.


Drs. Elizabeth Smailes + Jay Cross

have been designing and teaching core competency skills, also known as soft business skills, since 1994. Prior to 2016 they taught these skills at university and to adults within businesses. Recognizing that soft business skills could be taught to school aged children and practiced at school before they enter the workforce, Elizabeth and Jay launched Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids.

Yale, Chloe, Sarah & Giselle - Camp Leaders

have extensive experience leading children and enjoy sharing their love for puzzles, riddles, jokes, and solving mysteries. They are attending university for education, business, anthropology and geography.

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