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Looking for a Fun and Safe School Event?

Inspire Your Students with a Thrilling Escape Room Adventure


Our exciting, story-driven 3D online escape rooms will have each class in your school working together to decode secret messages, answer riddles and find clues to escape. Escaping helps students discover new ways of thinking and feel empowered as a class when they solve a tricky puzzle together.

We use zoom to bring our colourful escape rooms right into each classroom. While our remote expert leader guides the class through the 3D escape room, the teacher engages students to choose their preferred answer to each puzzle. With unlimited hints, every class escapes within 30 minutes.

  • Grades: K-12

  • Cost: $75/class (+ GST).

  • Technical Requirements: Must be able to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meets in the classroom and project on a whiteboard or screen (something large enough for the class to see). Please check that your audio works when projecting zoom by visiting (audio check information).

  • Easy to Schedule: Contact Elizabeth to book your School Escape Day Virtual Fieldtrip at 604-831-0570 or Send an email to with your contact's name, school name, province, preferred date(s), number of classes, and language preference (English or French).

  • Registration Dates:  Registration for the 2022-2023 school year (Sept 8 and 16 are full).



Give your students the delight of finding an unexpected solution to an intriguing puzzle and bolster their self-confidence as they have a great time problem solving with Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids.

Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids - Virtual Since July 2020!

New Themes

Escape Climate Change (K-12)

Habitat Diversity Escape Room (K-12)

​​Escape the Coral Sea (K-12)

Escape the Pacific Ocean (K-12)

Escape the Desert (K-7)

Old favorites

Escape with Dinosaurs (Grade K-2; Easy),

Escape the Zoo (Grades K-2; Medium),

Superheroes (Grades K-3; Hard for K),

Escape Space (Grades 2-3; Medium)

Secret Agents (Grades 1-9; Easy),

Cabin in the Woods (Grades 4-7; Medium);

Sorcerers' Escape (Grades 4-9; Medium),

Forensics (Grades 6-9; Medium),

 Escape the Island (Grades 6-12 - Hard).

Escape the Egyptian Tomb (Grades 6-12; Hard)

Escape the Science Lab (Grades 6-12; Hard)


Ultimate Challenge - Escape Through Time (Grades 6-12; Hard);


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