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school escape day

Looking for a Fun and Safe School Event?

Inspire Your Students with a Thrilling Escape Room Adventure

December, March and June Fill Up Quickly So Book Early


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Our exciting, story-driven 3D online escape rooms will have each class in your school working together to decode secret messages, answer riddles and find clues to escape. Escaping helps students discover new ways of thinking and feel empowered as a class when they solve a tricky puzzle together.

We use Zoom to bring our colourful escape rooms right into your classroom. While our remote expert leader guides the class through the 3D escape room, the teacher engages students to choose their preferred answer to each puzzle. With unlimited hints, every class escapes within 30 minutes.

Class Escape Room Challenges have become popular. Three classes escape at the same time. Students stay in their classrooms and each teacher connects to the assigned Zoom link. Classes carefully ask for hints and share their answers as the other classes can hear. A point is given for each room escaped. Most escape rooms have 4 rooms. Class Challenges last 45 minutes. Class battles encourage students to collaboratively solve the puzzles and are a great way to form lasting bonds between students in a grade.

  • Grades: K-12

  • Cost: $75/class (+ GST). For a class of 30 students that's $2.50 per student. Small rural schools please contact Elizabeth to discuss options.

  • Technical Requirements: We prefer if you can use Zoom. If necessary, we can run escape rooms with Microsoft Teams, or Google Meets.

  • How it Works: Video available: Connecting to Zoom and Your Projector. After connecting to Zoom, and your laptop to the classroom projector, project on a whiteboard or screen (something large enough for the class to see). Please check that your audio works when projecting Zoom by visiting (audio check information). After joining our leader will do a sound check and then show the class around the first room. Most escape rooms have 4 rooms. Puzzles are situated so that our leader can stop on the main part of the puzzle. Students work in teams or as a class to solve the puzzles.

  • Easy to Schedule: Complete the registration form below or contact Elizabeth to book your School Escape Day Virtual Fieldtrip at If you would like to register directly with Elizabeth please include in your email your contact's name, school name, province, preferred date(s), number of classes, and language preference (English or French).

  • Registration Dates and Times for English and French:  Sept-June 2023-2024. English Escape Rooms Available: Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm. French Escape Rooms Available: Lundi/Jeudi: 9am-12am. Mercredi/Vendredi: 9am-3pm.

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Give your students the delight of finding an unexpected solution to an intriguing puzzle and bolster their self-confidence as they have a great time problem solving with Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids.

Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids - Virtual Since July 2020.

English Themes

Zoo (Grades K-2 - easy)

Superheroes (Grades K-3 - easy)

Haunted House (Grades K-8 - easy-medium)

Winter Wonderland (Grades K-8 - easy)

Secret Agent (Grades 1-8 - medium 1-3; easy and fun 4-8)

Escape Space (Grades 2-3 and Sky Science G. 6 - medium)

Sorcerers (Grades 4-8 - tricky- most popular escape room)

Escape Through Time (Grades 4-12 - easy-medium 4-7; very hard 8-12)

Cabin in the Woods (Grades 5-7 - medium)

Sky Science (Grades 6)

Forensics (Grades 6-8 - lots of math)

Escape the Island (Grades 6-12; hard)

Escape the Science Lab (Grades 6-12; medium-hard; includes grade 7 math and science)

Ultimate Challenge - Escape the Acient Tomb (Grades 8-12 - very hard)

thèmes français

Maison Hantée (maternelle à 12e année / moyenne)

Fantaisie Hivernale (maternelle à 12e année / facile)

Zoo (maternelle à 2e année / moyenne),

Agents Secrets (1e année à 9e année / facile),

Sorcellerie (4e année à 9e année / moyenne),

Évasion du Laboratoire (6e année à 9e année / moyenne), Criminalistique (6e année à 9e année / moyenne), 

Île déserte (6e année à 9e année / difficile),

Crypte Ancienne (6e année à 12e année / tres difficile),

Voyages dans le Temps (6e année à 12e année / tres difficile).


Scheduling process

Minimal Time Commitment for Teachers:

  • After confirming the school's bell schedule, the school contact will receive a link that teachers can use to sign up their classes to escape.

  • The school contact will receive a final schedule with zoom links, the lesson plan, and student handouts.

  • Prior escape day (optional). The lesson plan includes team communication activities. The student handout includes a riddle that students can use to practice decoding.

  • On escape day. Each teacher connects their laptop to Zoom and their projector and checks the audio level. 

  • At their scheduled time, our remote leader shows the class around the first room and the class has a great time solving puzzles.

Schedule Example

Teachers in a class challenge are listed in the same time slot

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