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school escape day


Are you looking for an exciting, safe virtual school-wide event?


Hold a School Escape Day with

Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids!

  • Escape rooms are tailored to K/1, 2/3, 4/5 6/7 - with different themes.

  • Duration: 30-minute escape rooms per class.

  • Children receive a worksheet with information for solving the puzzles and an "I escaped!" certificate on the back.

  • Teachers receive a short lesson plan.

  • Cost: $650/day (8 classes can escape per day).

Easy to Do: Each class connects to a zoom link specific to your school. Our leader shows the class around a 3D escape room while the teacher engages students in voting where they think a puzzle is located and which answer they want to use to try to open a box.


​Easy to Book: Contact Elizabeth at or 604-831-0570. Currently booking for May/June 2021 and the 2021/2022 school year.

Bring some escape room fun to your school!

Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids - Virtual since July 2020!

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