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Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids
After School Program
Burnaby Schools' Grant Program

Participants start by choosing their escape room theme. Then they work in teams to make puzzles, ciphers, and challenges for their escape room. On the last day, if permitted due to COVID regulations, parents and siblings try to escape the room. This program is great for students that are interested in challenging themselves with completing a project from scratch and are interested in puzzles and art. This program is grant funded and free. Contact Elizabeth at if your school is located in the Burnaby School District and would like to have the ASSAI grant program at your school.

2nd Street Elementary.


Participants:  Grade 3-4

Time: 2:50-4:15pm

Dates: Oct 3- Nov 28 (No escape room on Halloween)

Day: Tuesdays

The registration page takes a minute to load. Difficulty registering online? Please email your child's information to Elizabeth at Please include child's first and last name, grade, parent/gardien's first and last name, email address, phone number and whether the child can walk home alone or your will pick up.

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