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For After school
and summer camps

glow in the dark pen.jpg

Invisible Ink Pen

500 Points

black master lock.jpeg

Black Master Lock

3500 Points

Mini Basket Ball Hoop.jpg

Mini Basketball Hoop

9000 Points

Stretchy Sticky Hand.jpg

Stretchy Sticky Hand


500 Points


Escape Room Box

3500 Points

LED Tape LIght Strip.jpg

LED Tape Light Strip

10000 Points

Slap Bracelets.jpg

Slap Bracelet


500 Points

Blocks Magic Snake Cube.jpg

Blocks Magic Snake Cube

1000 Points

master lock.jpg
Box 2.jpg



5000 Points

Escape Room Box

10000 Points


HOW TO Claim


After you complete an escape room you will receive an email listing the total number of points you earned during the week. You will also be given a points ID number. You can save up points from different camps to get a large prize or trade-in the points as you earn them to receive small prizes. Points from the summer can be combined with after school program points.

Ready to Redeem points?


Email Yale at

Include in the email:

  • parent’s name,

  • child’s name,

  • address,

  • email address

  • Name of the prize

  • and if possible the points ID number.

You will receive the prize in the mail!

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