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Start your school year off with a fun team building experience that your whole class will enjoy!


Escape Room Themes

Escape Climate Change (K-12)

​​Escape the Coral Sea (K-12)

Escape the Pacific Ocean (K-12)

Escape the Haunted House (K-9)

Winter Wonderland (Grades K-9)

Escape with Dinosaurs (Grade K-2; Easy),

Escape the Zoo (Grades K-2; Medium),

Superheroes (Grades K-3; Hard for K),

Escape Space (Grades 2-3; Medium)

Secret Agents (Grades 1-9; Easy),

Cabin in the Woods (Grades 4-7; Medium);

Sorcerers Escape (Grades 4-9; Medium),

Forensics (Grades 6-9; Medium),

Escape the Island (Grades 6-12 - Hard).

Escape the Egyptian Tomb (Grades 6-12; Hard)

Science Lab Mystery (Grades 6-12; Hard)


Ultimate Challenge - Escape Through Time (Grades 6-12; Very Hard);

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Currently, in person after school programs take place in Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver and Surrey school districts.

Please contact us at if you would like an after-school escape room program at your school!

Escape Rooms and riddles are great for developing flexible thinking.

Art Students

Thinking about making an escape room for your online gathering?  Find helpful tips to make it great.

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The Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids programs provide fun and creative ways for students to improve their core competency skills through experiential learning.