Awesome Escape Room 4 Kids is an online, interactive, team learning experience!

Children build their capacity to strategize, problem solve and conquer new challenges!


unlock your child's potential 

Through our cognitive functioning program we will teach your children skills that enable them to excel  and have an active role in their success at school and future work settings.

Video Games

This camp is all about videos games. Escape Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite rooms. Grab your nerf guns and get ready to dance.

harry potter 

Harry Potter and wizard escape rooms. Make potions, cast spells, run from dragons and get help from unicorns.

Super Scary

Don't let fear stop you from escaping haunted schools, haunted libraries and abandoned hospitals. Solve the puzzles and escape before ghosts, zombies and ghouls get you.

drawn room.jpg

Island escape

Escape islands, temples and traps. Run through jungles from erupting volcanoes. Solve the mysteries and live to tell about it.

Pet adventure

Go on adventures and escape with dogs, cats, sea monsters, and unicorns. In some escape rooms you will need to save your pets and in others they will help you.  


Love math and science? This is the escape room camp for you. See if you can solve hard math and engineering puzzles, save the world from the mad scientist and test your knowledge of history and space.

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Stay Safe

 Have Fun and Keep Learning!


Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids

In Person Camps

​​Summer  Camps - Queen Elizabeth Elementary Vancouver

  • We are keeping in touch with Vancouver School Board. They haven't yet decided whether the summer program  will go ahead at Queen Elizabeth Elementary.

  • If in-person camps are not possible, the camps will go ahead online, half day only. We will be contacting parents of registered campers as we get closer to July.

Dates: First In-Person Camp July 13-July 17

Times: 9:00am-12:00pm and 12:00pm-3:00pm or Full Time

Location: Vancouver - Queen Elizabeth Elementary

Registration Is Open: As we are unsure whether the in person programs will take place, please email Elizabeth at if you are interested in registering.