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Virtual After-school programs

Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids virtual after school programs help students develop their core competencies and collaborative skills. We offer after school programs for teams of up to 7 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 from one school. This term escape on Wednesday afternoons in French.

Join us for a unique after-school experience of finding clues, solving puzzles and escaping. The online program offers a fun, safe, and easy way for children to build their collaborative core competency skills.

Gather up to 7 students from your school who will form your child's escape room team and contact Elizabeth at The cost of the after school program is for your school’s team for six sessions.


Each after school program includes a 50-minute weekly Zoom session led by an enthusiastic leader. The session begins with your children learning a new core competency skill and playing a game to practice the skill. Then they use the skill to collaboratively solve the puzzles and escape the room. In addition to the core competency skill development, the process of escaping is exciting and builds their capacity to conquer new challenges. They learn to view problems as puzzles to be solved.

Your children will develop important skills and have a blast escaping!