Minecraft Summer Camp

Minecraft Summer Camp


This summer try to escape Minecraft. Enter the Minecraft Escape Rooms, find the ender pearl, figure out the puzzles, have a blast and escape.

  • Refund Policy

    100% refund with cancellation up to 7 days before the start of the program.  50% refund within 7 days of the program.

  • Shipping Info

    Participants receive points when they open boxes. They can trade these points in for prizes at the end of the camp. Shipping is free within BC. If shipping else where and the cost is higher than local costs you will be contacted prior to prizes being shipped.

  • Summer Camp Process

    Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids has provided escape room excitement for over 850 participants. Join us for a unique summer experience of finding clues, solving puzzles and escaping. The online program offers a safe, easy way for children to try escaping. 

    Each camp includes a 50 minute Zoom session for 5 consecutive days and is lead by an enthusiastic camp leader. The session begins with your children learning a new core competency skill and playing a game to practice the skill. Then they use the skill to collaboratively solve the puzzles and escape the room. In addition to the core competency skill development, the process of escaping is exciting and builds their capacity to conquer new challenges. They learn to view problems as puzzles to be solved.


    Join us this summer. Your children will develop important skills and have a blast escaping!

    What participants will learn:

    • Collaboratively make decisions.

    • Think logically and critically about past and future actions to solve puzzles

    • Use their creative thinking to find the answers to the puzzles.

    • Plan as a team how they will complete a challenge.

    • Problem solve.

    • Find the strengths within their team.

    • Develop their team leadership skills.

    • Seek to master the core competency skills and the different types of puzzles.

    What participants will do:

    • Learn a core competency skill

    • Practice the skill with a fun game

    • Use the skill to improve how their team solves puzzles.

    • Solve lots of puzzles and escape each day.