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frequently asked questions For Online After School Escape Rooms

Online After School Escape Rooms

Why offer after school programs that focus on intensive skill development?

  • We have found that the online escape room program is an excellent approach for dramatically improving children's core competency skills such as communication, critical and creative thinking and collaborative problem solving. Each term we break down a new topic into small drills, just like when children learn how to swim. Students practice the skills as they escape.

How do I form a team at my school?

  • Gathering a group of students from your child's school ensures that your child has other students to collaborate with at school.

  • Speak with parents at your school who may have children who are interested in participating on a team. Any Questions? Have parents contact Elizabeth at with their questions.

  • As students gain confidence in skills such as collaborative communication, decision making and the integration of creative and critical thinking, they will greatly enjoy collaborating on school projects with other students who are also developing these skills.

  • Have your child's class escape a School Escape Day session to see if there are students who enjoy escaping.

What are the core competency skills that will be focused on during the intensive after school programs?

  • Fall: Social problem solving skills

  • Winter/Spring: Non-routine problem solving skills

How long is the after-school program each week?


How many children are in each program?

  • Up to 7 children.


What are the ages of the participants?

  • Grades K-8


What type of escape rooms do the children escape?

  • We have 2D, 3D, and immersive escape rooms.

  • Children have a great time escaping a different virtual room each week.


​How will my children learn the core competency skill?

  • A core competency skill, such as communication, is broken down into easy steps and discussed at the start of the session.

  • The team plays a game to practice using the skill and then uses the skill to help them escape.

What are the core competency skills?

  • In the new BC curriculum students K-12 are expected to know and demonstrate core competency skills.

  • Skills include Communication, Decision Making, Teamwork, Collaborative Leadership, Self Regulation, Emotional Intelligence, and Critical, Strategic, and Creative Thinking.

  • Escape rooms are an excellent way to practice these skills.

What is the refund policy?

  • After School: 100% refund with cancellation up to the 2nd week and prorated thereafter.

What technology does my child need?

  • Zoom can be run off a laptop or Ipad.

Interested in forming a group at your school?

​Thank you for considering Awesome Escape Rooms 4 Kids!

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